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Aracneé Our Partner Facility

Aracneé is registered as a Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife in Mexico, having all the permits for reproduction, breeding, commercial import and export of tarantulas.

Premium International Packaging

Each Tarantula is individually packaged inside a sized plastic container, with enough ventilation and moisture. Containers then enter a double corrugated cardboard box, which is sealed with a plastic mesh, and lined with Styrofoam to maintain the temperature in optimal conditions.

International permits includes, those entered in CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). We care for more than 3,830 adult female tarantulas and 960 males. Making this the largest Mexican tarantula farm in the world.


We follow all airline regulations, as well as the sending country export permit and CITES (if applicable), also, the receiving country import permit and CITES (if applicable). You will receive original documents  placed inside the box, as well as the certificate of good health. We guarantee the life of the animals in storage for up to 10 days.

Licensed USF&W Import-Export

As partners, VIP Tarantulas has all required permits and licenses from Fish and Wildlife Service to import and export. Currently we ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States.

How do I place my wholesale order?

 To get access to our Wholesale lists, please reach out to us at or via contact form below. Once you have an interest list in mind, we recommend for you to check that tarantulas are legal in your country. Note: Shipping rates will depend on your zip code, order type and size. 

Wholesale Contact

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